WELCOME TO VEECTERO e-VEHICLES Manufacturer of ICAT Approved product


One person alone cannot save the planet, but everyone’s effort to encourage nature’s wealth must not be underestimated. The air pollution is now a national crisis and needs strict and aggressive nation-wide action across all cities of India. Being urban dwellers in cosmopolitan cities world-wide, we all know & have felt the negative health impacts of air pollution. In cities, worldwide the leading cause of air pollution is automobiles. And we have all felt had that bout of allergic sneeze, sore throats to even breathing issues because of this.

Electric vehicles are important to countries seeking to reduce vehicular emissions. Electric vehicles with zero emission will solve the major problem of vehicular emissions in air pollution. The EV (Electric Vehicle) technology has come far from the lead-acid batteries to lithium ion cells, which have higher capacity and provide longer travel range. This technological advancement accompanied by supporting infrastructure, such as charging stations, using solar or wind energy as the source of power, can indeed help solve the global issues of air pollution, oil dependence and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Veectero E-Vehicles LLP with highly Qualified & Experienced team of Electrical, Mechanical, Automotive experts and a strong Backend team, we ensure the Best Quality Products, supported by strong After Sales Service Team. Veectero provides the latest technology products with its R&D team is constantly working to ensures high performance of e-Vehicles & Development of new e-Vehicles. Customer and Dealer suggestions are also incorporated for continuous upgradations. We believe in total customer satisfaction.

Veectero e-Vehicles has e-Rickshaws and e-Carts having modern looks quite different from the than existing Chinese looking e-Rickshaws on Indian roads. The vehicles will be having strong body & chassis unlike existing e-Rickshaws/e-Carts on road which do not last more than one/one & half year and the body/chassis starts falling apart. The Veectero Electric Vehicles having the most powerful & robust drive train is unlike any other e-Vehicle on road, the Veectero’s e-vehicle is ready to be driven on plains and Himalayan regions of India with and without loads.

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