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BAZZIGARTM (Passenger)

The things that unite to make BAZZIGARTM premium and special are :

• Corrosion resistant chassis that gives durability and longer life to the vehicle.
• Larger legroom and wider body for passenger and driver comfort.
• Heavy duty gear that makes the vehicle to run easily on rough terrain and enhances climbing capacity.
• Digital Speedometer, odometer and battery meter for driver ease.
• CRC Tubular pipes that adds to the life of vehicle as compared to other e-Rickshaws.
• CRC sheet for durability and strength of the vehicle with MIG weld joint with the chassis for long run of the vehicle as
  compared to bolted body joints with chassis that gets damaged after a few months of use.
• Portable SMPS Pulse Charger with auto cut that saves electricity and enhances the battery life by not overcharging   them.
• Passenger security handles that gives better arm rest comfort with security to the passengers.
• Heavy duty tyres for longer life and also, bares heavy loads on Indian roads.
• High grade automotive paint that even retains well in rains and tough in all weather conditions.
• Heavy duty motor with thermal protection for longer run and heavy load capacity to work well in rough terrain.
• MCBs to prevent short circuit in the vehicle which in return avoid the critical parts life controller, motor and converter   getting burnt and become non functional.
• Battery cutoff switch for more protection against theft and saves power that increase the vehicle run time.
• Fire proof wiring harness with preventive metal casing to get rid of getting the wires being cut, burnt etc.
• ground clearance is 180mm, suitable for Indian Roads.
• Approved components are used which offer highest level of quality, safety and durability of the vehicle.
• Advance gear train transmission system.
• Tool Kit, Jack, Mat and back cover are part of the vehicle-No hidden cost.
• Hydraulic shock absorbers for extra comfort.
• BAZZIGARTM is also available in stainless steel body for better and trouble free life.
Motor Type: BLDC Motor
Power 900 W
Transmission Rear Drive
Suspension Telescopic Front Fork
Wheel Size (Front) 90/90x12 & 3x12
Wheel Size (Rear) 90/90x12 & 3x12
Motor Type 900 Watt BLDC Motor
Battery Specifications 48v/120ah
Charger 48v/15ah
Wheel Base 2140mm
Rim Size 90x90x12
BrakeDrum Type
Chassis Auto Grade Tubular
Iron Type 18 Gauge & 20 Gauge
Accessories Led Lights, Floor Mats, Rain Curtains, Bottle Holder, Pockets For Driver
Differential 33"
Controller 24tubes/48v
Shocker 29" Heavy Duty
Rear Shockwer Absorber 29" (Gabriel Make) Heavy Duty
Paint Metallic Paint
Product Warranty 1Yr.

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